Areas of Expertise

Advice and representation in all areas of commercial law

  • Building laws
    Advice and representation for builders, contract design, help in obtaining building permits and commercial permits, support during construction projects, representation in building law disputes
  • Intellectual property rights
    Intellectual property rights (especially brands, copyrights, patents, inventions, utility patents, and design patents), registration of national and international trademark, design, or patent rights, representation in trademark and patent rights violation cases, representation in cases of unfair competitive practices
  • Real estate transactions
    Contracts for the acquisition, sale, or gifting of real estate, flats, blocks of flats, and factory premises, recording of liens, processing via the electronic Trust Register monitored by the Bar Association of Vienna
  • Debt collection
    Enforcement of claims, monitoring of incoming payments, negotiation of instalment payment plans, handling of legal actions and impoundments, reporting of claims in case of debtor insolvency
  • Conduct of cases
    Advice and representation in legal issues of civil and company law as well as torts and warranty claims and in arbitration proceedings
  • Company and corporate law, incorporation
    Advice in selecting a corporate form, preparation and completion of incorporations and reorganisations of enterprises, help in matters of the Commercial Register, support in mergers and acquisitions, assertion of shareholder rights, representation in company law disputes
  • Public procurement law
    Advice for providers in preparing a tender, representation in proceedings before supervisory authorities, advice for clients in preparing tender documents, handling of contract award procedures
  • Contract law
    Advice in contract negotiations, preparation of contracts, support in financing negotiations, notarisation and determination of fees, trusteeships
  • Civil law
    Advice and representation in all areas of commercial law
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