Rechtsanwältin Dr. Gabriella Peterfy 1060 Wien
Your law office in 1060 Vienna

Dr. Gabriella Peterfy, LL.M.

Peterfy is a law firm specialising in commercial law that serves domestic and foreign companies and private clients. We will represent you in front of all Austrian authorities and courts as well as European authorities and will advise you in drawing up contracts. Problems exist to be solved. You need:
  • To protect your contractual interests
  • Advice in matters involving Austrian law and cross-border transactions
  • To protect and assert legal claims.
We offer our clients:
  • comprehensive, competent legal advice
  • quick, precise adjustment to changing needs
  • individual solutions that correspond to your commercial interests
  • efficient, fast enforcement of your claims
  • personal dedication in a personal environment
  • flexibility in your desired scheduling
  • immediate access to the Commercial Register, Land Register, Residential and Professional Register, and credit and legal databases
Advising in your native language is essential to receiving the best transnational legal counsel and protection of your interests, especially in Eastern Europe – and so is an understanding of other legal cultures. We can also serve you in Hungarian and Russian.
“Everything has been thought of before; the problem is to think of it again.”
- Wolfgang von Goethe
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Your lawyer in Vienna
Dr. Gabriella Peterfy, LL.M.
Mariahilferstrasse 123
1060 Vienna
Tel. +43 (1) 236 36 39
Fax +43 (1) 890 14 26